AHSS Community of Practice

PraxisAuril, in partnership with the ESRC, is building a new Community of Practice (CoP) dedicated to social venture building and commercialisation of Arts, Humanities and Social Science research.

PraxisAuril is building on existing work from our Special Interest Group, our dedicated conference sessions and many fruitful forum conversations we have facilitated to develop a new dedicated Community of Practice for Social Venture building and self-sustaining Commercialisation of Arts, Humanities and Social Science research.

This new CoP will go beyond the vital mapping of different players in this growing field within the sector. With support from ESRC we will be creating a series of practical challenges and focussed networking events that aim to tackle directly the cultural and institutional barriers that affect AHSS researchers when trying to carry out non-profit work, start commissioned partnerships with the third and public sector, as well as building fully independent spin-out social ventures and commercial vehicles.

From this, we will coproduce professional training, practice or other interventions as required to create the right conventions within the workforce providing this support.

Read more about the first series of workshops and register for the upcoming events

AHSS/SVB CoP Members Survey

If you are registered for updates, the mailing list, the impact-led commercialisation LinkedIn group and/or attended events and webinars run by the PraxisAuril Arts, Humanities and Social Science (AHSS) Commercialisation and Social Venture Building Community of Practice - Supported by ESRC, we would like to hear from you! Please fill in this survey, which will gather vital feedback and allow us to coproduce future activities within the CoP.


AHSS/SVB CoP In-Person Events: Meet the CoP and Important Partners

Starting in April, we will be holding a series of our CoP meets in person across the UK! This is a completely free, friendly and open opportunity to meet CoP members, discuss key topics in professional practice and sector change in this area, and network with a diverse range of guests. 

What is it?

We are holding a set of in-person events to celebrate the first year of our AHSS/Social Venture Community of Practice. We will hear from a number of member case studies, outside organisations sharing best practice before moving onto networking and member-led governance of the CoP’s future.


-Social Enterprise Successes in local universities.

-Consultancy and Licencing for AHSS

-Engaging Academics and communicating social value-led commercialisation.

-Building relationships with key external partners for AHSS commercialisation and Social Venture building.


Who is the event for?

Primarily TTOs and KE staff across the region who are working on AHSS commercialisation and social venture building.

As this is a celebration of the cultural change we are coproducing and a chance for important networking, we are also inviting any staff in your institution with an interest in this topic (Senior leaders, Impact Officers, Academics etc.)

Also outside organisations who will be key contacts in scaling up this work. This includes; social enterprise leaders, local authority staff, funders and practical programme managers working across environment, social justice, health, city planning, and any topic relevant to these disciplines.

See below to find your nearest event, register yourself and colleagues... and please feel free to forward on to anyone who might be interested. See you there!

Meet 1 | Leeds: 29th April 10:00 - 16:00 GMT
(In-Person) North Midlands/England and North Wales


Meet 2 | Edinburgh: 3rd May 10:00 - 16:00 GMT
(In-Person) Scotland and North England


Meet 3 | Bedfordshire: 15th May 10:00 - 16:00 GMT
(In-Person) South/South East England


Meet 4 | Bristol: 17th May 10:00 - 16:00 GMT
(In-Person) South West England and Wales

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