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We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service and experience in all areas of our work.

Our training and events consistently receive a high level of positive acclaim and customer satisfaction. The average rating for the overall quality of all courses delivered both nationally and internationally in the past 12 months is 4.6/5, where 5 is a ranking of "excellent".

As a quality-driven organisation, we seek feedback on all our activities and we are happy to share some of that feedback below:


Training - UK

The average rating for the overall quality of courses delivered in the UK over the last four years was 4.6/5, where 5 is a ranking of “excellent”. 

"A very well organised course with good speakers and course material."

Kalpana Chaturvedi, Queen Mary University of London - Developing Strategic Partnerships 2014


Training - International

Our international clients have all been highly satisfied with the training we delivered. The average rating for the overall quality of courses delivered internationally over the last four years was also 4.6/5, where 5 is a ranking of “excellent”.  Over 99% of delegates reported that they would be happy to recommend our international courses.

“It taught me how to manage networking events and helped me understand the difference between Business Development and Technology Transfer. In Italy, where this process is not yet so well defined, the two terms are often synonyms. Now I am able to fully understand the role of each and its involvement in the Knowledge Transfer process”

(Alessandro, University of Pisa). - Essentials of Business Development, 2014



Last year saw over 400 attendees from over 160 organisations, representing 11 countries, join us for our Annual Conference.

I can honestly say that this was the best conference I have ever been to. Praxis Unico 2015 was packed with interesting speakers, and opportunities to meet others working in Technology Transfer to exchange knowledge, opinions and best practices. PraxisUnico really do know how run well organised and relevant events for the Technology Transfer community.

Chelsea Brain, University of Surrey (June 2015)

"The whole thing was great. As a first-timer at PraxisUnico and someone who supports social scientists I really wasn't sure if Praxis was going to be relevant or helpful in any way. I was bowled over by how friendly and supportive the atmosphere was, we definitely were not made to feel like outsiders and I feel like I got a lot out of it. Keep up the brilliant work!"

Aileen Marshall-Brown, University of Oxford (June 2015)

"This was my first conference and I enjoyed it immensely. I met a lot of people working in Tech Transfer/ Knowledge Exchange that I wouldn't have met otherwise. Thank you."

Jeevani Mantotta-Maxted, University of Hull (June 2014)