Why Should the Taxpayer Fund Science & Research?

The UK research base is a wonderful success story. It is a magnet for global talent and investment, a feature of our country that is admired around the world, and a source of wide-ranging economic and social benefits. Earlier achievements and current expertise enable us to live longer, enjoy a secure food chain, create the jobs of tomorrow, and appreciate the rich history on which our society is founded. The research base raises our understanding of ourselves, the planet on which we live and the universe in which our planet was formed. The respect in which UK research is held internationally gives our country influence in global debates on climate change, economics, health and telecommunications and other important areas.

But the UK research base is a fragile ecosystem. It is vulnerable to competitive global pressures, and critically dependent on government funding at a time of spending restraint. Relationships between the research base, government, businesses, medical research charities and international partners generate important discoveries, new intellectual challenges, additional resources and career opportunities. It is an interdependent web of activity. Perhaps the most vital element of this ecosystem is the taxpayers and their families, for whose benefit the whole endeavour takes place.

This document is in the public domain and was sourced from the NCUB website.

Graeme Reid
Publication Date: 
Sunday, January 12, 2014