PraxisUnico/AURIL response to the Reid Review in Wales

PraxisUnico/AURIL submitted a response to the Reid Review of Government Funded Innovation in Wales at the end of June 2017. Our purpose in contributing to this Review was to underline the importance of maintaining a professional, skilled network in research institutions that can help to stimulate innovation, productivity and growth; locally and nationally for economic and social benefit and with a wide range of external stakeholders. With recent policy focusing on stimulating collaboration between universities too, it is important that there is sufficient resource for engagement across the UK and the capacity for sharing good practice. Our submission emphasises the value of HEIF to English universities (where KEC is usually a net cost) and the return on investment that this provides in terms of economic and social impact. 

Following the publication of the group's recommendations in June 2018, PraxisAuril responded with a statement in support of Welsh KE professionals who will be a vital part of delivering the ambitions of Welsh innovation strategy. 

Tamsin Mann
Publication Date: 
Monday, July 10, 2017