PraxisUnico/AURIL evidence to 'Life Sciences and the Industrial Strategy' inquiry

PraxisUnico/AURIL has submitted evidence to the House of Lords Science & Technology Select Committee Inquiry 'Life Sciences and the industrial Strategy'. The inquiry will investigate issues such as whether the Government has the necessary structures in place to support the life sciences sector; how the NHS can use procurement to stimulate innovation and the contents of the new life sciences industrial strategy, published at the end of August and welcomed by PraxisUnico/AURIL. In submitting evidence to the inquiry we noted that our overarching concern is to develop skills for commercialisation and business collaboration across all disciplines but members bring sector specific expertise to the network: our current joint-Chair, Dr Angela Kukula, is Director of Enterprise at the Institute for Cancer Research; Dr Malcolm Skingle, Director of Academic Liaison, GSK, was a long-standing Board member at PraxisUnico until 2017; and Dr Iain Thomas, Head of Life Sciences, Cambridge Enterprise, Chairs our Professional Development Committee. Many of the issues overlap with the Treasury's consultation 'Financing Growth in Innovative Firms' (September 2017) namely; public-sector research funding, stimulating private investment and supporting enterprise. The Life Sciences is an area where the patient capital movement is particularly valuable for long-term investment but also where universities have pioneered new business models such as the 'Apollo Pharmaceuticals' collaboration and 'Lab282' initiative. 




Tamsin Mann
Publication Date: 
Monday, September 25, 2017