Catapult Centres and the Interactions with the Research Base - A Note from the Praxisunico Chair

This note is a summary of a recent meeting. It represents a personal summary of the event and should not be taken as an official record, which will be produced separately.

A meeting was held in Swindon bringing together the Funding Councils, RCUK and the TSB with a group of PraxisUnico members. The aim of the meeting was to explore mechanisms and approaches to enhance the interaction between the new Catapult centres and the research base. The meeting was held at the request of a working group led by the TSB, in which Alison Campbell is involved as a Board member of PraxisUnico.

The first Catapult centres have been selected and it is abundantly clear that they will not be 'one size fits all' solution. The Advanced Manufacturing area bringing together seven existing activities, all with well established links with industry compared to the cell therapy area with an industrial base in its infancy and a need to animate new demands.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012