PraxisUnico & AURIL Proposal & Consultation




With increasing regularity, PraxisUnico and AURIL have been working together to great effect over the last few years. We have demonstrated that by advocating and working jointly on behalf of the sector we are CREATING BENEFIT FOR MEMBERS AND STAKEHOLDERS eg joint responses, joint representation internationally, collaboration on State Aid guidance, dual representation on stakeholder panels, shared perspectives and understanding (as demonstrated at our recent joint Directors' Forum).

We believe we are stronger together.

The Directors of both organisations believe it is in the best interests of the sector for AURIL and PraxisUnico to join forces to create A SINGLE VOICE for the Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) profession and to work together to drive consistent PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS across the whole range of activities covered by our combined memberships.

We are launching a consultation process which will help us to shape our future.  We are inviting members and stakeholders to ask questions, provide feedback and make suggestions.  Members of AURIL and PraxisUnico who are not at the AURIL 2016 Edinburgh Conference are also being contacted by email and invited to comment.


Consultation process

The consultation will collect views of the AURIL and PraxisUnico membership on the proposed development of a new organisation.

All PraxisUnico and AURIL member organisations will have the opportunity to comment on the emerging plans. Members and stakeholders are invited to ask questions, provide feedback and make suggestions. The consultation process feeds into the Working Group discussions, along with legal and financial advice.

Read our consultation FAQ

The consultation closes on October 28th. To have your say, go to:



It is proposed that AURIL and PraxisUnico join forces as one incorporated entity [NEWORG] creating a simplified and extended offering to, and on behalf of, our knowledge exchange community.


(1) better cater for the needs of our combined memberships, from the smallest to the largest, from teaching to research intensives and from regional to globally focussed institutions;

(2) develop and deliver a broader curriculum of training and professional development programmes and events to further improve KEC skills, professional standards and connectivity;

(3) better engage with the different KEC policy contexts emerging across the UK, particularly through English Devolution and in the Devolved Administrations;

(4) generate critical mass to better attract government and industry funding and support and to develop and promote a consistent approach to professional best practice in KEC

(5) pool resources - financial and people (executive and volunteers) to enable expansion of strategic, proactive advocacy and communications initiatives.



A working group formed of Directors of the Board and Council of PraxisUnico and AURIL has been constituted and has already held a series of meetings to discuss and agree a possible way forward.  The working group will take legal and financial advice to inform the creation of a draft business plan for NEWORG.

Directors of the PraxisUnico Board and AURIL Council will consult with members and stakeholders during October 2016. 

All PraxisUnico and AURIL member organisations will have the opportunity to comment on the emerging plans.  The process for formal approval of NEWORG proposals will comply fully with the requirements determined in the constitutions of PraxisUnico and AURIL.


NEWORG Branding

Branding for NEWORG will be developed, after consultation with PrU/AURIL members, once a formal decision to proceed has been made. We anticipate adopting a new name, signifying an exciting new phase in the professionalisation of KEC in the UK.


NEWORG Structure and Governance

It is expected that NEWORG will be incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG), governed by a volunteer Board, and informed by relevant volunteer advisory groups.  KEC practitioners will continue to play a key role in NEWORG.

Director portfolios and appointment criteria will be tightly defined to enable professional oversight of NEWORG.

Appointments to the NEWORG Board will be approved via a formal vote of its subscribing organisations.

Expert Practitioner Advisory groups for Member Services, Professional Development and Policy activity will be created (and currently serving volunteer practitioners invited to participate).

A combined Executive team will drive, deliver and have responsibility for organisational strategy in line with agreed objectives.


Working Group

Dave Bembo       Chair

Bryn Jones           AURIL Council

Andrew Carlin     AURIL Council

Sue O’Hare          PraxisUnico Board

Sean Fielding      PraxisUnico Board