PraxisAuril East Midlands Regional Network Meeting

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The next PraxisAuril regional network meeting - East Midlands - will be hosted by Nottingham Trent University on Thursday 11 July 2019, 12:30 – 3:30, focussing on managing, protecting and exploiting the IP of Universities.

This meeting is a free of charge PraxisAuril member-only event and will feature five speakers: Jeremy Hague, Director of Partnerships Local Engagement and Commercial Services, Nottingham Trent University, Paul Condliffe - Research Commercialisation Manager, Nottingham Trent University, George Rice - IP Commercialisation, Financial & Business Services, University of Nottingham, Mark Bennett - Head of Intellectual Property Exploitation, University of Loughborough, Christopher Smith - Innovation Policy Advisor, Intellectual Property Office.

Places are limited, sign up now to avoid disappointment!

Please contact Andy Fowler for any questions or changes to registration.

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