Upcoming Vacancy on PraxisAuril Board


As part of our regular rotation schedule, a Directorship on the PraxisAuril Board will become available on 1 January 2022.  Applications are invited from PraxisAuril members for appointment to the Board for a 4-year term.


PraxisAuril is a world-leading professional association for KE.  It has robust governance and business systems, processes and practices in place to ensure the organisation is both aligned with its strategic mission and fully sustainable, financially and in terms of human resource. The PraxisAuril Board defines, evolves and communicates policy and strategy; monitors and controls implementation and performance of strategic plans and programmes; and ensures corporate governance.


The PrA Board should reflect an equitable, diverse, inclusive and representative mix of skills and experience, pertinent to the strategic mission of PrA.  Board appointments and rotations may occur at any time of year, to ensure that Directors’ terms of office are appropriately staggered and allow for continuity and sensible handover periods.  Upcoming vacancies for Directorships are promoted via the PrA network and communications channels and expressions of interest invited. 


A sub-committee of the Board (the Appointments Committee) reviews applications and recommends to the Board the appointment of the most suitable candidate in line with appointment criteria and requirements of the organisation at that time.  The Appointments Committee is comprised of the current Chair, immediate Past Chair or Chair Elect; a PrA Ambassador or recent, former Board Member and an external stakeholder representative.


-  Directors must demonstrate commitment and be proactive and collegiate in approach

-  Directors are also Members of the Company and are authorised to act in line with the provisions of the Companies Act 2016


How to apply


Individuals interested in Board membership should submit a personal statement and a current CV by email to the CEO, Maxine Ficarra, by 0900 on Monday 6 December


Personal Position Statement (max 500 words)

The Personal Position Statement is to illustrate your knowledge and experience of the sector and how you envisage PraxisAuril’s role, as a national association within the sector.  The statement should be used to illustrate what major issues you think need to be addressed nationally and what you would seek to do to influence government stakeholders and other interested parties on behalf of the sector.

The Statement should also give your vision of how PraxisAuril should be positioned in the future, its relationship with other organisations and stakeholders involved in knowledge exchange and commercialisation and how you see PraxisAuril’s role developing both nationally and internationally. Applications for member-elected Director should demonstrate a clear understanding of a diverse range of member needs - and highlight any specific skills and experience with which you would aim to support the Board.


Personal statements must include an indication of availability and any required authorisation from your employer; highlight any conflicts of interest; and include details of other directorships.


Please click here for a current list of PraxisAuril Board Directors. 


For further information or an informal chat, please contact maxine.ficarra@praxisauril.org.uk