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PraxisUnico responds to Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth

9 Dec 2011

PraxisUnico responds to Department of Business Innovation and Skills, Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth

PraxisUnico: Congratulations to new roles for committee members

18 Nov 2011

PraxisUnico congratulates committee members.

PraxisUnico: Welcomes new committee members

4 Nov 2011

PraxisUnico warmly welcome new committee members to its Conference and Member Service Committees.

PraxisUnico: Spinouts UK Survey second Quarterly Journal

1 Nov 2011

The PraxisUnico Spinouts UK Survey second Quarterly Journal with a mix of news, facts, figures, and analysis of interest.

PraxisUnico: Comments on Hermann Hauser's criticism of Cambridge University

21 Oct 2011

As reported in the Cambridge News this week, Hermann Hauser has criticised Cambridge University for putting off would-be entrepreneurs because it wants to charge too much for the intellectual property rights on research. PraxisUnico comments.

PraxisUnico and Young Company Finance join forces

21 Oct 2011

PraxisUnico became the lead partner in Young Company Finance's <em>Spinouts UK</em> project.

PraxisUnico: A round-up of PraxisUnico activities (September 2011)

23 Sep 2011

Here’s a round-up of activities from PraxisUnico Board members over recent weeks.

PraxisUnico: BIS Select Committee publishes PraxisUnico's submission to Hargreaves Review of IP

21 Sep 2011

PraxisUnico submission to the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property has been published by the Dept of Business Innovation and Skills Select Committee

PraxisUnico: Comments on the Patent Box consultation

17 Aug 2011

The Government is committed to introducing a preferential regime for profits arising from patents, known as a Patent Box. This consultation builds on that initial review and provides a detailed explanation of how the Government proposes to implement the Patent Box, and seeks views on the proposed design of the regime.

PraxisUnico: Responds to publications relating to the IP landscape

16 Aug 2011

PraxisUnico responds to the Government's response to the Hargreaves review of Intellectual property (“Digital Opportunity: A review of intellectual property and growth”, May 2011) and the related publications from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) on “the UK’s International Strategy for Intellectual property” and “UK IP Crime Strategy 2011”.