'Working effectively with Universities' Workshop

Working Effectively with Universities

How to engage effectively with the UK's academic expertise and facilities

The London-based one-day workshop on 1 March is supported by HEFCE and is ideal for R&D managers in SMEs who want to understand how partnering effectively with the UK's world-leading academic research institutions can achieve improved business results


  • To engage effectively with the Higher Education sector to benefit their business

  • Practical tools to support high-quality, cost effective interactions 


This workshop features interactive sessions covering: 

  • Why work with a university?

  • How to find and approach the right university partner

  • What products and mechanisms can universities offer?

  • What funding is available?

  • How to structure successful agreements

  • Top tips for best results 


SMEs are working more and more with universities to access expert knowledge, specialist skills and new products and service opportunities.  Businesses benefit from substantially reduced risk in early-stage R&D, tax benefits and often access to government funding schemes.


A recent report by the CBI showed that two thirds of businesses they surveyed have worked with universities and 50% are looking to grow their links in the future.1  Examples of collaborative links with universities include ‘contract research’,  consultancy services, use of facilities and equipment, training and professional development, and longer-term strategic partnerships. 

This workshop will help your business build effective R&D collaborations with universities.   


The workshop will begin at 09.30 and is followed from 15.30-18.30 by a networking session and university showcase, with technology transfer directors and university Business Development Managers on hand to facilitate direct connections.


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To register your interest please email nicky.warnock@praxisunico.org.uk.