Update: PraxisUnico & AURIL: Creation of New Organisation

Following an overwhelmingly positive response to the consultation, the Working Group has been moving forward with the process to create a new organisation from PraxisUnico and AURIL. This new organisation will be more effective for our members, providing pooled resources and a single voice representing the sector.

Our members and expert volunteers are very important to us, and we welcome your contributions to discussions as things develop. We will be conducting a full market research piece in coming months to ensure we fully understand your needs and identify your priorities. We will be looking to get specific perspectives from volunteers, or those interested in volunteering, as well as member views.

In the meantime, we invite your general thoughts and ideas on what NewOrg means to you, and any opportunities you are keen for us to explore. This will help shape discussion, including around the naming of the new organisation. Please email us before March 6th with any comments auril@strath.ac.uk or info@praxisunico.org.uk.

Extraordinary General Meetings of the PraxisUnico and AURIL Boards will take place in March which will formally agree the creation of the new organisation as a legal entity. We'll then be back in touch to get your views and input on how we can work with and for you.

We have been very fortunate to have a range of expert volunteers contributing to the work of both PraxisUnico and AURIL over the years, and as we come together as a new entity, we will continue to look to our volunteers as a crucial part of our organisation.

From April, the New Organisation officially comes into being and a transitional period begins. It will be business as usual from both PraxisUnico and AURIL until the end of the year, when the New Organisation, with its new name, will come into full effect.  An Interim Board will take over for the period commencing April 1 until Dec 31 when the transition period will end and the New Organisation, under a new Board, will take things forward.

The Interim Board will include 18 representatives, drawn from PraxisUnico and AURIL boards:

  • Angela Kukula, ICR
  • Martin Davies, University College London
  • Richard Brooks, FD Solutions
  • Phil Clare, University of Oxford
  • Andrew Carlin, University of Reading
  • Tony Hickson, Imperial Innovations Ltd
  • Sean Fielding, University of Exeter
  • Bryn Jones, Bangor University
  • Alistair McDermott, Imperial Consultants
  • Karen Lewis, BBSRC
  • Iain Thomas, Cambridge Enterprise
  • Sarah Stables, University of Cumbria
  • Jennie Shorley, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Mike Bath, University of Durham
  • Stephen Hillier, University of Liverpool
  • Carole Barron, University of Kent
  • Maxine Ficarra, Executive Director of PraxisUnico
  • Alasdair Cameron, Executive Director of AURIL

Events and activities will be co-branded as we transition, but both the PraxisUnico and AURIL Conferences will take place as planned (June 14-16 and October 5-6 respectively). Member renewals for all current members renewing in 2017 will be held at current rates. New members who sign up after April 1 will fall under the new membership rate of the joint organisation. Members will be updated on the new membership package nearer the time.

We will update you on other developments along the way, including the new structure, offering and name, in due course. For further information, see our FAQs.