UK SPINE 2020 Conference - Online 11-20 November 2020


Join us at the UK SPINE 2020 virtual conference, 11 – 20 November with the theme: ‘How does the UK lead the race to deliver 5 extra healthy years of life by 2035?’

The UK SPINE conference brings together world-leading researchers, investors, administrators, healthcare professionals, and the pharmaceutical industry to share ideas on improving healthspan and combatting the multi-morbidities of ageing.

Key sessions include:

  • Animal models of ageing – Dr Paul Potter & Dr Satomi Miwa 
    11 November, 2-3:10pm 
  • Biomarkers in the prediction of multi-morbidity workshop – Professor Carl Heneghan, Professor Gary Ford & Dr Elizabeth Spencer
    13 November, 1-4pm
  • From bench to care home in a time of COVID; how ageing science can be harnessed to improve immune resilience in older people – Professor Janet Lord, Professor Lynne Cox & Dr Joan Mannick
    18 November, 2-3pm
  • Capstone panel discussion: What can the UK do to achieve extra years of healthy life by 2035 as set out by the UK government?
    20 November, 1-2:40pm

Individual sessions take place over 10 days so you can create a bespoke agenda to suit your interests.

See the complete programme and sign up to individual sessions here:

We look forward to seeing you there! 
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