UK SPINE 2020 conference


UK SPINE conference, Jurys’ Inn Birmingham, November 18th 2020

UK SPINE – A multi-institute initiative to accelerate drug discovery for healthy ageing - is hosting its annual conference in Birmingham, UK. The theme is: How does the UK lead the race to deliver five extra healthy years of life by 2035.

The event will promote high-level interaction between key stakeholders that drive the discovery of anti-ageing therapeutics in the UK, ranging from academic and industry thought leaders to policy makers and elderly advocacy groups. National preclinical collaborations will showcase their cutting edge findings in the field of ‘geroprotection’. This unique event will cater to everyone in the drug discovery value chain with a focus on the translation of fundamental geroscience into clinical applications.

Key Themes

  • -State of the art of translational developments for geroprotection in the UK.
  • An update on how the US is developing clinical and scientific programmes in the field of longevity and healthspan.
  • How to improve bench-to-bedside knowledge exchange between key stakeholders.
  • Policy implications of unprecedented technologies. How future regulatory, legal and economic frameworks may have to adapt to support the increase in healthspan that is aimed for.
  • Engaging with the voice of the elderly population to consolidate their key needs.

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