UK Energy Innovation Awards 2017

The awards aim to celebrate the 'unsung heroes' within the energy industry, who are breaking boundaries to bring benefits to customers, industry and the supply chain.

This year there is a new losses award, which will offer a cash prizes to the first, second and third winners, recognises innovative technologies, practices or solutions that could lead to a reduction in distribution network costs.

The categories include:

  • Best electricity network improvement
  • Best gas network improvement
  • Best innovation implemented or adopted by a contractor
  • Best innovation contributing to quality and reliability of electricity supply
  • Best innovation contributing to quality and reliability of gas supply
  • Best international trade award
  • Best offshore renewables innovation
  • Best safety innovation
  • Environmental impact
  • Best smart grid innovation
  • Best University Technology
  • Losses Award (sponsored by SSEN)

The deadline for entries is the 28th April 2017. Contact if you are interested in entering ir nominating or follow the link.