Transport Systems Catapult: Business Fellow Network Programme, Intelligent Mobility

The Business Fellow Network (BFN) for IM

The BFN is a network of experts in IM, working for TSC but based in academic partner institutions to bring research outputs closer to commercialisation. This will enable academics to increase their industry engagement, entrepreneurship and research impact to support the university to achieve its Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) targets.

The BFN aim is to identify high quality research at partner universities aligned with the TSC’s focus areas, to understand how the universities engage with industry, government and wider IM ecosystem and to establish their current regional, national and international impact.

How to Apply

Please submit your up to date CV and an application form, which can be found here

Application forms should be submitted to the TSC's Academic Engagement Coordinator Nick Woodward via email at: by Friday 28th September. Please write “BFN Application” as the subject of the email.

Interviews will take place in during October at the Transport Systems Catapult in Milton Keynes. The BFN activity will start in December 2018 and run for 1 year.

Further Information


The Business Fellows shall work two days per month on TSC related activities. One day per month will be funded by TSC, the other day will be sponsored by the university.

TSC are seeking to fund 12 university employees to form a BFN focused on IM. TSC will fund a maximum of two employees per University to ensure a diverse mix of institutions.

Role of the Business Fellow:

The role of the Business Fellow is to act as the TSC’s conduit within the host university feeding back relevant IM research activities, events, calls and funding successes to a nominated colleague, on a regular basis.

Business Fellows will be active in the knowledge exchange arena, they are already working for a UK university, have a strong understanding of the industry and university interface, current research outputs and track record of successful CR&D and / or enterprise.

We want to understand what transport relevant research is taking place within the UK, and then connect the experts who are doing this research with businesses who can utilise their knowledge and skills to create new technologies and develop new products and services.

Activities of the Business Fellow:

  • Attend and contribute to the kick-off and closure workshop
  • Attend the training days, share content with colleagues.
  • Attend on the monthly video conference which should not extend more than 90 minutes.
  • Gather knowledge and information about research undertaken by the relevant research groups in the university and populate it into the provided document 5 working days before each video conference.
  • Capture best practices where public as well as private sector involved in the delivery of the activities.
  • Liaise with the Tech Transfer Offices.
  • Represent the department and TSC at relevant events
  • Identify collaborative opportunities with industry on behalf of colleagues
  • Respond timely (within 3 working days) to potential collaborative opportunities identified by TSC

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased CR&D opportunities – at least 2 new collaborative bids generated
  • Increased commercial opportunities – at least 2 new collaborative bids generated
  • TSC’s Academic Capability Map data relevant to the university populated and validate

Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Degree educated, with experience working in knowledge exchange between universities and businesses for 2 years
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a commercial setting or equivalent
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • High quality analytical skills
  • A proven track record in developing strategic partnerships
  • A history of developing and managing of successful collaborations in R&D
  • Experience of developing new products or services
  • Awareness of emerging technologies relevant to transport
  • Understanding of the funding landscape in UK

Benefits for you:

  • Expand personal network across Higher Education and industry
  • Gain new skills
  • Improve Knowledge Exchange capabilities
  • Insight into other universities and catapults

Benefits for your University:

  • The Catapult can offer the seat round the table at high level debates and opportunities to directly influence government policy
  • Input to the Knowledge Exchange Framework
  • Increased industry engagement with more academics engaged in research addressing industry challenges
  • Potential for new industry collaborations including co-funded posts, secondments; increased enterprise including spin outs, contract research and consultancy
  • Industry engagement maximised through shared ecosystems

For more information contact:

Nick Woodward, Academic Engagement Coordinator: E: / M: +44 (0) 7741195321