Survey on Unlocking and Sustaining Value through Strategic University-Industry Partnerships

The Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (CSTI) at the University of Cambridge partnered with PraxisUnico in 2014 to develop a US-UK workshop exploring what needs to be done to unlock and sustain value through strategic university-industry partnerships.  A report providing detailed findings can be downloaded here.  This topic was also explored in the recent Dowling Review of business-university collaborations. 

Both the workshop and the Dowling Review revealed a number of areas where further research could greatly benefit the university-industry partnering community.  To begin to address a number of these, CSTI is seeking insights from individuals within universities and companies either directly involved with, or having knowledge of, strategic university-industry partnership development. 

Key areas explored in the survey include:

-        Understanding more systematically the value derived by different types of universities and firms to help us develop a framework for exploring and assessing value

-        The types of university-based functions required to support these partnerships and how they vary as partnerships evolve, going beyond contract and IP negotiations!

-        Understanding what affects university partner choice to help inform policy development and inward investment support programmes

-        Understanding how challenges evolve as partnerships mature to inform how approaches, support functions and government support may need to change over time

-        Key trends and emerging locations to help us understand how the landscape is shifting

CSTI would greatly appreciate your insights on these issues.  If you are interested in contributing to this work, we would be grateful if you would complete the following short survey:

It should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.  All responses will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

With best wishes and thanks,

Tomas Coates Ulrichsen

Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (CSTI)

University of Cambridge