Summer Schools: The challenges, Values and Learning

Kingston University is holding an event to highlight the challenges of summer school and how to overcome them to generate income and use them as promotional tools for your university. 

Summer Schools are increasingly important to UK universities as well as to student groups at home and abroad. There are numerous types of summer schools including undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, specialist, and language and culture programs. They can be substantial income-generators as well as promotional tools to attract students both domestically and internationally.

The objective of the event is to share knowledge about how our universities are addressing this general product area. What market analysis have we done, how have we developed products, what does our marketing look like, and how do we manage the governance? The event will bring in institution insiders who offer and develop summer school programs. As always, there will be plenty of opportunity and discussions. The session will close with a workshop style discussion to identify key takeaways from the day.

The event will take place on 24th May at 9:30am - 14:30pm. The cost to attend this event is £110.00. KnowledgeLondon subscribers can attend this event for free.

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