The role of universities in the UK-China relationship: CBI report

This new report from the CBI highlights the importance of relationships between UK universities and the economic opportunities in China, and the amazing impact that UK universities generate from research in the region.

This impact couldn’t happen without highly skilled KEC professionals and we are seeing increasing demand for KEC training across all sectors in China, with a recognition that UK is a centre of excellence.  PraxisUnico is delivering a range of training offerings in multiple cities across China. 

The diversity of KEC professionals on these courses is very high compared with the UK as we typically have people from university offices, science parks, law firms and policy units.  This provides great opportunities not just for training but for building networks across the innovation ecosystem in China.  We work hard to link up trainees from different courses, in order to promote community building.  We are also linking professionals in China with relevant KEC offices in the UK, and also with the wider community for example Sino-UK VC funds.

The CBI report highlights that for China, higher education is an increasing priority, and research and innovation are explicitly targeted by China’s strategy to become an innovation oriented society, and this offers many opportunities for UK HEIs. The report features a case study of PraxisUnico members University of Nottingham, who opened The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) in 2004 as the first Sino-foreign education institution with its partner the Wanli Education Group, and supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education. This delivers around £80m a year to The University of Nottingham, due to the commercial opportunities available in Ningbo.

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The full CBI report can be found online: