The PraxisUnico Spinouts UK Survey - note to PraxisUnico members

The PraxisUnico Spinouts UK Survey aims to track all spinouts (and start-ups, where information is  available) from all UK universities over the past ten years.  There is an online database of all these companies at  PraxisUnico is the lead partner in the project, which is run by Young Company Finance (YCF).

YCF is currently carrying out the research for the second Annual Report for the Survey.  As many as possible of the (still trading) spinouts in the database have been contacted, and YCF will shortly be approaching all university TTOs with listings incorporating the latest updates which they can find.

Please could you help ensure that the information is as up to date as possible, by looking through the listings provided by YCF and letting them know of any new spinouts they might have missed, or any major changes to the data?  In this way we will be able to build up an accurate picture of this important area of commercialisation, which will help to identify trends and patterns, and give a basis for highlighting successes.  It is hoped that this database will be helpful to you by providing a reliable and regularly updated record of your own spinouts, to supplement any information you keep internally.

PraxisUnico university members will have access to the full database of all UK spinouts (this will be arranged by YCF when they contact you), and a copy of the Annual Report when it is published.  In addition, YCF will be pleased to assist if you are looking for additional information about any spinout or start-up companies originating in your own university.