PraxisUnico: Recognition for technology transfer professionals

Dear PraxisUnico Member,

Further to my email on 25 June, regarding the launch of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP).  This important initiative was also announced at the PraxisUnico Engaging Business, Stimulating Innovation Conference in Nottingham on 17 June.

What does ATTP mean to you*?

As a PraxisUnico member you are automatically eligible to apply for Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) status.  RTTP status:

·        Provides international recognition for you as a technology transfer expert

·        Establishes your credibility within the profession

·        Institutes a uniform means of practice and standards of technology transfer

·        Unites professionals on a global basis (ATTP connects more than 5,000 technology transfer practitioners in 67 countries).

What is ATTP?

ATTP is the international body for professionals engaged in technology transfer (TT).  ATTP is being led by an alliance of five like-minded associations (PraxisUnico, ASTP-Proton, ATMT, AUTM and KCA) of practitioners which have worked together over a number of years and developed a degree of understanding. ATTP intends to develop criteria upon which other organisations can become part of the Alliance.

The professionals who work across continents to facilitate this transfer are as diverse as the cultures they represent. They must, however, have a common core skill set to manage the complex set of challenges that technology transfer presents.

ATTP was established to provide a global standard of professional achievement. The programme reflects the highest quality expectations defined by the profession and will provide individuals wishing to acquire these skills the opportunity to be recognised as Registered Technology Transfer Professionals (RTTP)

The online application process is simple and involves a choice of three routes - whichever best suits your experience and/or professional qualifications.

For more information on ATTP and to apply for Registered Technology Transfer Professional status, please visit