PraxisUnico attends Embassy-hosted dinner in Japan

At a special dinner hosted by the Embassy, a selected group of lawyers, university and government staff discussed concerns of business-university interaction in Japan.  David was able to showcase examples of best practice from a wide range of PraxisUnico member universities and research institutes. Tom Hockaday of Isis (Oxford) gave a talk at the conference on the ISIS approach to technology transfer.

David was able to meet several PraxisUnico \"alumni\" from the successful course that PraxisUnico delivered in Tokyo in 2012.  Many TTOs in Japan are under similar pressure to those in USA and UK and there is much demand for more information about the flexible and diverse \"UK model\" of Knowledge Transfer.  David was also able to visit the new Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, a bold and exciting experiment by national and regional governments to establish a new graduate university, run along Western lines and in English language.