After just over a year and a half of discussions, consultations and planning PraxisUnico and Auril have formally announced the launch of their new organisation and identity at their annual Auril conference in Bristol on the 5th and 6th October 2017. 
PraxisAuril operates in the best interests of the sector, driving consistent professional standards, development, and recognition of the KEC profession.
Mission statement:
To deliver the world’s most effective practitioner-led, professional development training, tools and services for KEC practitioners.
PraxisAuril CEO, Maxine Ficarra commented “It has been a real privilege and a pleasure for both the PraxisUnico and Auril teams to work with the dedicated Directors, Boards, Committees and Working groups of two such committed organisations to create PraxisAuril. We all firmly believe this important step forward will truly benefit the sector as a whole.” As one organisation PraxisAuril now has a stronger single voice representing more than 5000 university business collaboration and commercialisation specialists working in more than 200 universities and stakeholder organisations. Members benefit from a unique and comprehensive range of training programmes, practical tools, advocacy and connectivity.
Ficarra further comments “The creation of PraxisAuril is a powerful step forward for university-business collaboration in the UK. We aim to ensure that our members are recognised as the most effective, well-informed and well-connected expert practitioners in knowledge exchange and commercialisation, anywhere in the world – and we are actively encouraging businesses, policy-makers, funders and partner organisations to connect. “Our specialist training programmes drive global professional standards and performance - and our network can provide practical support, as well as expert advice and information to anyone wanting to engage with academic researchers. “With more than 5000 university business collaboration and commercialisation specialists working in 200+ universities and stakeholder organisations, PraxisAuril is a formidable advocate for the sector – and a highly effective route to ensuring that the UK’s world-class research will continue to have significant social and economic impact around the world.”
Alasdair Cameron, Director of Strategic Engagement, PraxisAuril mentions “For a number of years' AURIL and PraxisUnico have been working closely together to champion the knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation communities in the UK. I'm delighted that both organisations have now agreed to formalise this relationship with the creation of PraxisAuril. Reaching out to our communities wherever they might be is central to the new organisation and I’m excited about the plans we are developing.
“We want our members to feel supported at every part of their career and be able to use their knowledge to help shape our profession.”
What is PraxisAuril aiming for:
  • We want PraxisAuril members to be recognised as the most effective, best-informed and well-connected knowledge exchange and commercialisation practitioners anywhere in the world
  • We need sector stakeholders to better understand the contribution and impact of professional knowledge exchange and commercialisation activity 
  • We will continue to work with our members and key partner organisations to influence and support a policy and funding context that is well-informed and fit for purpose
  • We will provide assurances and advocate on your behalf, acting as a trusted source of information, expertise, evidence and support for policy makers, funders and other stakeholder organisations
  • We will work with the sector to define guiding principles and standards and we will launch a professional development pathway, which embraces the full scope of activity in which our members now engage
  • We want our sector to be proud of its professional achievements and we will do all that we can to encourage and support you to shout louder about your success. We will use PraxisAuril’s connections and influence to signpost your excellent work, in the UK and overseas
  • As one strong, financially robust organisation, PraxisAuril will be well-placed to leverage investment in new initiatives that will support the sector and its ambitions...and we have an excellent, professional executive team, who are committed to ensuring its success
PraxisAuril exists to serve their members and better the profession and actively seek involvement and ideas as they take their new organisation into a new era. PraxisAuril is
welcoming feedback and suggestions. Please email all comments to
To find out more about the new organisation visit or view the latest edition of KEC Matters at