Mills & Reeve Autumn In-House Adviser workshop on Crisis Management


Crisis management 

It’s a Friday afternoon and you arrive back from lunch to find that the head of your organisation has left two letters on your desk and is requesting a meeting as soon as possible to discuss them.
The first is from lawyers acting for your main competitor, relating to a team of people who recently moved from that company to yours. It tells you that injunction proceedings are about to be issued against you for inducement to breach of contract, misuse of confidential information, data protection breaches, breaches of copyright and conspiracy to injure by unlawful means.
The second is from your major supplier informing you that it is in financial difficulties and is about to appoint an administrator.


What do you do?

Our Autumn in-house adviser forum will be the first of a series of guided workshops dealing with crisis management and prevention, hosted by specialist lawyers and inviting active participation from delegates. If you have war stories to relate, we will be interested to hear them. If you have questions to ask, we will do our best to answer them. If you prefer silent observation, that’s fine too! Just sign up here and we will be delighted to welcome you.
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Leeds - Wednesday 3 October 
Manchester - Thursday 4 October
Cambridge - Tuesday 9 October 
Norwich - Wednesday 10 October
London - Tuesday 16 October 
Birmingham - Wednesday 24 October 

08:30 - Registration and breakfast
09:00 - Forum starts
11:00 - Forum finishes 


Birmingham, Cambridge, Leeds, London, Manchester, Norwich