LifeArc-AUTM technology transfer career training fellowships

Is this you?

  • An academic scientist at the graduate or post-doctoral level in life sciences
  • with little (less than a year) or no direct work experience in technology transfer
  • who has a passion for innovation and would like to train to become a technology transfer professional

If so, please consider applying for one of our training fellowship to get a fast track training route into the world of technology transfer - where you’ll be helping to ensure the great science can make a real difference to patients lives. To find out more, please visit

Each fellow receives:

AUTM Membership

Two year’s membership, plus access to AUTM’s Technology Transfer Practice Manual and 90 +Webinars

Formal recognition at the 2020 AUTM Annual Meeting including availability of senior AUTM members for curriculum vitae review



Assignment of an experienced technology transfer mentor available throughout the Training Program


Attendance at international technology transfer events

Registration, hotels and airfare covered for:

  • AUTM’s 2020 TOOLS & Essentials Courses, Sept  8-11, 2019 Oak Brook, IL
  • AUTM’s 2020 Annual Meeting, March 8-11 2020, San Diego, CA
  • A major European Technology Transfer Conference i.e. ASTP Proton Conference May 2020


Potential to participate in a four-week internship in an academic technology transfer office within the United States or Europe, during the summer


The selection process:

Applications will be evaluated by a joint LifeArc and AUTM selection panel who will award up to seven fellowships, at least two of which will be awarded to non-UK residents

Details can be found at:


Please apply NOW! The deadline for applications is 7 July 2019