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Exclusive PraxisUnico member competition and discount

Do you want to learn how to effectively utilise Linkedin, add value to your online community, and create stronger tangible relationships?
Alastair Banks, Digital Marketing Professional and PraxisUnico Trainer, has produced a comprehensive guide to Linkedin, in the form of a pre-recorded webinar.
As a PraxisUnico member you receive an exclusive 20% discount off the £95 course (non-members can purchase the course at full price).

 *Competition now closed, discount still available*

At the end of Alastair’s course you will be able to:

  • Successfully set up your profile on Linkedin
  • Enhance your digital visibility
  • Better understand the platform and its features
  • Position yourself effectively in your community
  • Build valuable connections and stronger relationships
  • And many more vital career and relationship building tools

If you are interested in this course (as either member or non-member), please email info@praxisunico.org.uk to find out more/collect your member discount code.
Stand out from the crowd and start utilising your Linkedin profile today.