Knowledge Exchange Framework: Outcomes of Consultation and Pilot Exercise

In January 2019 Research England published a consultation on our proposals for the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF).  At the same time it invited English Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to participate in a pilot exercise to test and refine the proposals. The findings contained in the report are being used to inform the ongoing development of the KEF.  

  • The consultation closed on 14 March 2019 having received 147 responses to the online consultation. In general the approach outlined in the consultation was cautiously welcomed, with aspects including the low burden approach, the proposed clustering arrangement and the integration of narrative receiving broad support.  The report outlines the themes raised by respondees across the proposed elements of the KEF.
  • The pilot exercise brought together 21 English HEIs across a series of five workshops to interrogate the proposals in detail. The successful pilot exercise demonstrated the feasibility of the overall approach and provided detailed insight into the proposed metrics and narrative templates, identifying potential improvements and areas for further exploration.

Data presented in the report can be downloaded in a separate data spreadsheet.  


Knowledge Exchange Framework: Outcomes of Consultation and Pilot Exercise

KEF Consultation Data Annex

Originally posted on the Research England website