IPO seeking views on proposed changes to patent fees

The IPO launched a consultation seeking views on proposed changes to patent fees on 13th April 2017. 

The consultation document is available at: www.gov.uk/government/consultations/proposed-changes-to-statutory-patents-fees

It sets out four proposed changes to pre-grant patent application fees. An alternative proposal is also included, involving smaller increases to pre-grant fees in conjunction with small increases to renewal fees. 

The proposed fee changes are intended to help ensure a smoother functioning of the UK patent system. Specifically the IPO believes the proposed changes will:

  • better align the fees they charge with processing costs, to reflect more closely the work they undertake to deal with particular types of applications and requests
  • continue to provide the IPO with sustainable income
  • ensure the patent system remains accessible, encourage the appropriate use of the IP system as a way of promoting and supporting innovation
  • encourage the filing of clearer and better-defined applications whilst reducing the number of patent applications with no hope of success

Please email your comments to consultation@ipo.gov.uk by Tuesday 6th June 2017.

Alternatively you can post your response to: 

Patents Legal Section, 

Intellectual Property Office,

Concept House,

Cardiff Road,

Newport NP10 8QQ 


For more information on the proposal and the IPO, visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/intellectual-property-office