A fresh start for innovation funding in Wales?


PraxisAuril has responded to the Reid Review of Government Funded Research & Innovation in Wales (June 2018), underlining the importance of KE professionals in delivering the ambition of the report recommendations. The response, which was delivered in consultation with Welsh KE professionals, represented by the WILO network, particularly welcomes recommendations for the reintroduction of dedicated innovation funding for Wales where there is currently no equivalent to the much-valued Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF). PraxisAuril and WILO also support the recommendation that Welsh innovation is given a more prominent voice in UK policy alongside other devolved nations. The promotion of good practice in knowledge exchange (KE), wherever it is located, is a principal of the PraxisAuril network and we are pleased to be able to support Welsh KE colleagues as work to reform the nation’s research and innovation landscape continues. 

Our purpose contributing to the Reid Review consultation was to underline the importance of maintaining a professional, skilled network in universities to help to stimulate innovation, productivity and growth both locally and nationally, for economic and social benefit and with a wide range of external stakeholders. With policy now focusing also on stimulating collaboration between universities (viz the ‘Connecting Capabilities Fund’ and ‘Strength in Places’ scheme) it is important that there is sufficient resource for engagement across the UK and the capacity for sharing good practice. Continue reading on the blog...

PraxisAuril's original response to the Review's consultation phase can be read here.