Continuous glucose telemetry to enhance research and improve animal welfare & Mouse Identification Matters

Somark Innovations is seeking partners to adopt and evaluate their Labstamp mouse identification system. Labstamp is a more refined permanent method of identification; offering the lowest rate of misidentification, the best study data capture accuracy and the best animal welfare.

What could the Solution be used for?

Labstamp is a system that uses robotics controlled by a software-based operating system, with a specially designed mouse restraint and ink delivery method. It produces high-quality, permanent tattoos on the tail of mice from the age of 10 days and up to 60gms in weight when adult.

§  Labstamp is successfully used by breeders and research teams across the entire spectrum of disease areas and behavioural studies.

§  The system has been optimised for pre-weaned mice, which is an area of potential growth for the technology.

§  We are keen to develop the technology for use in identifying rats.


Need for collaboration

Somark is a technology company. We need partners to:

§  Share the problems they face with animal identification through the lifecycle of preclinical research,

§  Collaborate on defining unmet requirements,

§  Assist in evaluating and testing new designs,

§  Demonstrate to the market the benefits our solutions can deliver.


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New CRACK IT Solution - Continuous glucose telemetry to enhance research and improve animal welfare


Data Sciences International (DSI) is seeking partners to adopt their implantable telemetry device capable of providing continuous, real-time measurements of blood glucose, temperature, and activity in rats to facilitate research to demonstrate the scientific and animal welfare benefits of the technology.


What could the Solution be used for?

The HD-XG was designed for scientists involved in diabetes and metabolic research.  It is suitable for use in acute evaluations of glucose metabolism (glucose tolerance tests) and adds value by refinement of those tests. It also has the ability to collect chronic data like never before, enabling accurate characterization of glucose homeostasis under any condition. This new tool enables research that has not been feasible previously. 


Need for collaboration

We are seeking partner  who not only want to augment or replace what they are currently doing but also who might be interested in pushing boundaries to determine just how this new technology can be applied in new and exciting ways. This could include studies documenting that the use of continuous data in diabetic research:


§  Increases statistical power enabling a reduction in animal use

§  Enables new and beneficial scientific evaluations that are not feasible with current technologies

§  Improves animal welfare and glucose measurements by decreasing stress


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