Boosting Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities Conference

AESIS is holding a two-day international conference on how social sciences and humanities can address societal challenges and optimise societal well-being. The conference is taking place on the 20 - 21 September 2017 in Cardiff, UK. 

The need to demonstrate the diverse impacts of research is now firmly established on the agendas of policymakers, university leaders, funders and researchers across Europe and worldwide. Through new methods, tools, and exercises like the UK’s Research Excellence Framework, new insights have been generated into how impact can be supported and sustained across all disciplines. This maturing impact agenda creates particular opportunities for the social sciences and humanities, where researchers increasingly work with a wide variety of users and stakeholders to develop solutions and generate value for civil society, public policy, business and service industries.

On 20 & 21 September 2017, the AESIS Network is organising this unique international conference in Cardiff to bring together leading thinkers, researchers, policymakers and practitioners from across the social sciences and humanities to explore how to boost and optimise our impacts, how to create stronger synergies between academic and societal outcomes, and how to pursue research that addresses society's most urgent and pressing agendas. Please join leading speakers from across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia to debate and help shape the next stage of the impact agenda!

The conference brings together international researchers, policymakers and their societal partners across SSH disciplines. They are invited to share insights and learn from each other’s experiences in:

  • How to stimulate entrepreneurship within and with SSH disciplines;
  • Strategic alliances and codesign of research by academic and societal partners;
  • Structured collaborations between SSH, natural sciences and engineering
  • The contributions of SSH to growth, productivity and industrial strategies;
  • Linking societal challenges effectively to research priorities;
  • How the impacts of SSH on society can be effectively measured. 

Click here to view the programme and click here for more details and how to book your place.