Spotlight on Internal marketing – How to effectively engage your office

16 May 2017

Spotlight on Internal marketing – How to effectively engage your office Thursday 15th June, 14.00 - 15.30


Do you want to understand how to develop an effective internal communications strategy? Are you interested in learning practical tips and skills for successful communication? 

Funding Innovation: The link between grant and equity funding for innovative businesses

3 May 2017

A new study looks at the link between grant and equity funding in supporting innovative young businesses.

Guest Blog: Research Contracts - Work In Progress

19 Apr 2017

Guest blog post from Sapna Marwaha, Head of Research Contracts at University of Nottingham, regarding the new Brunswick agreements. 

Group discussions creating networking opportunities and creation of new ideas

4 Apr 2017

Group work creates dynamic thinking, networking opportunities and the exchange of thoughts and opinion. It has been found that group work improves learning and retention, which is highly important when on short, intense courses such as Fundamentals of Technology Transfer.


Delegate Perspective: China Training

21 Mar 2017

Feng Wu is a recent delegate from PraxisUnico's cohort training in China. Last week she visited the UK and took part in some IP workshops, and shares some of her perspectives.

Crowdfunding the cost of patent applications

8 Feb 2017

Guest blog from James Dowler, IdeasPatch

Entrepreneur supported by University of Birmingham commercialisation team achieves “Forbes 30 under 30” status

20 Jan 2017

University of Birmingham alumnus Dr Amrit Chandan has been highlighted as a standout entrepreneur through his inclusion the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list. On his way to that prestigious ranking, he has received extensive support from the University’s commercialisation team, through its high tech incubation services, offered by BizzInn.


ICEIRD Celebrates 10th anniversary

16 Dec 2016

The ICEIRD series of conferences pioneered the concept of regional development. Starting ten years ago with the core aim of introducing the concept of regional development in South East Europe, ICEIRD managed on a yearly basis to integrate key global trends of regional development and trigger co-creations among the actors and institutions involved.

PraxisUnico gives evidence at House of Commons Science & Technology Select Committee Inquiry: ‘Managing IP and Technology Transfer’

11 Nov 2016

Last week Dr Phil Clare appeared in front of the House of Commons Science & Technology Select Committee as one of the first witnesses for the Inquiry ‘Managing IP and Technology Transfer’. Phil represented PraxisUnico and AURIL members in his capacity as Chair of PraxisUnico’s Advocacy Committee.

How to Engage Industry with Academic Innovation: Guest Post

9 Nov 2016

Engaging industry with content – written, audio and visual - for the purposes of knowledge exchange or research commercialisation, is a key activity for all tech-transfer departments. Approaches for engagement are varied, and the most longstanding technique of face-to-face meetings naturally works best.