University spinouts are thriving but need strategic support

17 Apr 2018

"University Spinouts: an imperfect ecosystem" by Anderson Law and Linstock Communications was published earlier this month. It uses data on public and private investment in spin-outs combined with the opinion and experienced views of many PraxisAuril members to present another side of the university spin-out story. Its conclusion that university spin-outs are"a real success story" and"are thriving"  are welcome ones. But the research also points to a greater need to understand the conditions for creating and sustaining spin-outs. As such, it is a welcome addition to ongoing discussions in our community, including many of those to be had at our annual conference and in response to the KEF consultation. 

PraxisAuril supports the formation of university spin-outs through its New Venture Creation training courses. Booking is open now for NVC1 and NVC2 in the autumn. See our Training Pages for details. 

Growing Impact Through Consultancy - Is Consultancy A Priority In Your Institution?

8 Jan 2018

With the push for greater impact from the research base and more academic-industry partnerships, will consultancy finally come out of the shadows and become fully appreciated for its role in enabling collaboration and impact? 

Lambert 2 Toolkit Perceptions

26 Sep 2017

The PraxisUnico Auril annual conference at Sheffield Hallam University had an informative session titled H2GL2: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Lambert 2 Toolkit on 15 June attended by 70 delegates. This article, written by that session’s facilitator, speakers and chairman, builds on an introductory piece in our last issue of KEC Matters, with perceptions on current usage and future revision of this toolkit.

 Written by Rupert Osborn, Seshadri Vasan, Christine Reid, Geoff Archer, Jenny Vaughan and Malcolm Skingle.

NC3Rs launches their 2017 CRACK IT Challenges

7 Aug 2017

The NC3Rs is launching the 2017 CRACK IT Challenges* competition at an event in central London on 7 September 2017.

The 2017 CRACK IT Challenges competition consists of three Challenges identified jointly by the NC3Rs and Sponsors. There are three Sponsors: Shell, Syngenta and Unilever.

Negotiators are Born and Bred: Berneman’s 10 Rules for Principled Negotiation

27 Jul 2017

Our daughter, it seems, emerged from the womb negotiating; our son was more laid back. Today, she’s still at it (as are her 3 daughters) and our son has effectively learned when and how to negotiate for what he needs and wants. Becoming a skilled negotiator is achievable, regardless of personality type. Here are 10 Rules my daughter and son (and the good folks at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation — Getting to Yes — and others) have taught me about effective principled negotiation.

One Belt, One Road, Eight Countries, Two UK Trainers - Guest blog from Nessa Carey

13 Jul 2017

China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative can be hard to define.  Culturally and historically it references the old Silk Road and the maritime trade routes of earlier centuries.   In its contemporary form it’s characterised by ambition and scale, with some analysts calculating that it may involve almost a trillion dollars of investment in pan-Asian infrastructure (see for example  But to think of this just as a means by which China can use its excess capacity in concrete and steel production would be to under-estimate the depth of China’s forward-planning.


The importance of regional representation

11 Jul 2017

One of the outcomes of PraxisUnico and AURIL coming together is that it has expanded our regional network (AURIL has had regional groups for some time) and representation in the devolved nations. Bryn Jones at Bangor University is currently on the combined Board and as June drew to a close with soaring temperatures we worked together to prepare a PraxIsUnico/AURIL response to the Reid Review of Innovation in Wales. 

Conference round-up, including session materials now available for download

3 Jul 2017

Thank you for attending this year's conference at Sheffield Hallam University.