18 Mar 2019

We would like to congratulate x6 new RTTPs and x3 new Candidate RTTPs for being accepted into their respective ATTP groups. It is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates that these individuals are either highly qualified Knowledge Exchange practitioners, or on a professional development pathway to become one.

18 Mar 2019

In November 2018 I sent out a call to our community with a request to interview several KE professionals who are RTTP accredited. As usual in Marketing, I often work against tight deadlines to effectively plan communications in advance; this series of interviews was no different. Despite the time constraints, I was very fortunate to get 6 people to reply to my email call for interviewees. Thanks to their time and support I was able to condense and write an overview summarising their answers and opinions.

11 Mar 2019

Georgina Wark, Professional Development Programme Manager at PraxisAuril, caught up with Anji Miller from LifeArc about how RTTP gave her the confidence, skills and experience to perform in her role globally.

7 Mar 2019

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with Marusela Oliveras about how the RTTP accreditation, which is recognised worldwide, helped her establish herself in the Technology Transfer field in another country.

7 Mar 2019

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with Jing Jin about how PraxisAuril training courses helped her to secure her current position as Assistant Director and Senior Manager of the Investment & Finance Department of the Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute.

6 Mar 2019

Last month I was among the speakers at InsideGov’s KEF conference, which was well-timed at almost exactly a month before the KEF consultation deadline. This made it an ideal opportunity to test some of our response content with PraxisAuril members among the delegates as well as picking up on key areas of concern and comment from presentations and discussions. 

4 Mar 2019

Alice Frost, Director of Knowledge Exchange at Research England, reflects on a meeting between leading research commercialisation units from the US and UK, part of an enduring relationship between UK and USA Tech Transfer Offices. 

10 Jan 2019

After my final mince pie of the festive season I have taken on a new two-year challenge: from 1 January, I have become chair of PraxisAuril - the UK’s national association for university-business collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

7 Dec 2018

A new blog series from Noelle Gracy, Head of the Research Collaboration Office at Elsevier, is exploring the world of academic-industry collaboration through the eyes of the industry partner. The 7-piece interview series includes interviews from GSK, Siemens, Ford, Thales, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems and Croda.

After reading each interview, I quickly saw the unique perspectives from each company as they viewed and approached collaboration slightly differently. Perhaps even more interesting though, is the common and repeated themes regardless of the changes in the sector and geographic location.

7 Dec 2018

“Choose courses relevant and of interest to you. RTTP accreditation will naturally follow.”

That was one of most referenced tips from those already accredited with RTTP in a recent interview series conducted by MarComms Manager Craig Smith. In the short 6 blog series, Craig interviewed RTTP accredited Knowledge Exchange practitioners from a wide range of organisations including; GSK, Public Health England, Science & Technology Facilities Council – UKRI, Waterford Institute of Technology, Burnside Development and Associates and University of Vienna.