Best Practice in Knowledge Exchange

2 Dec 2019

Kala Kennedy, Knowledge Exchange Facilitator at Cranfield University, reflects on the first meeting of the KE Best Practice Group (KE BPG). The KE BPG was set up to provide support for KE professionals to discuss roles and responsibilities and exchange advice on some of the issues encountered day-to-day. 

Feet First into the KEC Community

2 Dec 2019

Thoughts and reflections from Dr. Noelle Gracy, Elsevier who shares her experiences from attending our Fundamentals of Technology Transfer course.

Malcom Skingle from GSK talks about why they choose to work with UK Universities

2 Dec 2019

The UK has a long history of university-industry research collaborations, with about two thirds of R&D funding coming from the private sector.   The recent 2018 State of the Relationship Report from the National Centre for Universities and Business noted that the UK now ranks 6th in the world for industry-university collaboration.  And with the UK Government has committed itself to growing R&D from 1.7% of GDP in 2015 to 2.4% by 2027, that’s great news.  But the report notes that 75% of private sector UK R&D is carried out by only 400 businesses.   Of the businesses that work with universities, the 2015 Dowling Review notes that a significant portion of these were headquartered outside of the UK.  If the UK is going to continue the trend of increased foreign investment in business collaborations with UK universities, what can universities do to increase their appeal to multinationals?

We’re asking a series of KE experts on the industry side, what makes their company choose to work with UK Universities, and how UK KE practitioners could up their game.  These R&D-centric multinationals have a wealth of collaboration choices, and naturally, a finite amount to invest.  How can the UK gain an edge?  Noelle Gracy, Head, Research Collaboration Office at Elsevier talked to Malcolm Skingle, Director, Academic Liaison to find out how GSK benefits from collaborating with UK universities.


General aspects of working in HE

2 Dec 2019

“But we're a university! We have to have a library!" said Ridcully. "It adds tone. What sort of people would we be if we didn't go into the library?"

HE-BCI headlines: what does the data tell us?

2 Dec 2019

Earlier this year I reflected on the 2017-18 HE-BCI data published by HESA; mentioning the step forward in terms of its presentation as an Open Data set and the bonus FAQs for the more straightforward queries. But I also pointed out how the data can reveal the unexpected and how it is hard to understand the real dynamics, or stories, behind the data sets. In particular, I noted that although the data provides an important snapshot of university knowledge exchange (KE), it’s increasingly recognised that data for KE needs to be more diverse in order to provide a better understanding of KE dynamics within research organisations and with their collaborators. So, as many of our members consider how to respond to the current HESA consultation on the HEBCI data, we thought we would republish the article (see below). You can find similar thoughts in the SpinoutsUK Quarterly Journal June 2019 by OUI's Adam Stotten, who delves into the 'HEBCI fruit basket'. 

The HESA consultation closes on Wednesday 11th December, full details available on the website.  

  Policy newsletter, April 2019 

The 2017-18 HE Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) data was released last week by HESA and showed year-on-year increases in almost all categories (consultancy income showed a small drop overall) bringing total UK university-business income to a record £4.5 billion. As Sean Fielding, PraxisAuril Chair said at the time these figures are a “vote of confidence in university expertise and know-how” and demonstrate that the sector is strong even in what we know are difficult economic and political times. PraxisAuril members should feel proud of the role they play in achieving those figures: a contribution which often goes unnoticed (especially when it’s all going well!).

RTTP interviews: Anji Miller from LifeArc and the 2019 LifeArc-AUTM Technology Transfer fellows

2 Dec 2019

This Autumn, we caught up again with Dr Anji Miller CLP RTTP, Senior Business Manager at LifeArc, as she introduced to us the all-female 2019 LifeArc-AUTM Technology Transfer fellows. Seven very inspiring women who are making the move from the lab to Technology Transfer.  

Volunteer spotlight with Mike Bath and Rupert Osborn - PraxisAuril Conference

2 Dec 2019

With the focus firmly on our upcoming spring conference 2018, we thought that it was a great opportunity to catch up with Mike Bath and Rupert Osborn from our Conference Committee. Mike and Rupert have both volunteered with us for some years – we ask why they do it, and if they would recommend it to others!

RTTP: Improving ability to function - An interview with James O'Sullivan RTTP

2 Dec 2019

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with James O'Sullivan on how seeking improved ability to function in his Knowledge Exchange role lead to RTTP and positive engagement.

One digital access point to the wealth of knowledge within UK academia

2 Dec 2019

Making connections 

PraxisAuril and the National Centre for Universities and Business, (NCUB) have a lot in common in both supporting the UK’s big ambitions for R&D investment and knowing that partnerships between UK universities and business are key to addressing the challenges facing society and industry today. 

RTTP: Trust and security in my work - An interview with Dr. Tom Withnell RTTP

2 Dec 2019

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with Dr. Tom Withnell about his route to RTTP accreditation, and how it has lead to a feeling of greater trust and security in his work.