RTTP: A better global benchmark - An interview with Professor S.S. Vasan RTTP

22 Nov 2018

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with Professor S.S. Vasan about the drivers and influences to apply for an RTTP accreditation, and the awards and personal achievements that followed.

RTTP: Trust and security in my work - An interview with Dr. Tom Withnell RTTP

20 Nov 2018

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with Dr. Tom Withnell about his route to RTTP accreditation, and how it has lead to a feeling of greater trust and security in his work. 

"RTTP: A great way of giving confidence to those with whom we work" : An interview with Dr Adam Stoten

19 Oct 2018


Dr. Adam Stoten, COO at Oxford University Innovation shares his motivation behind becoming RTTP accredited. In this short interview, Adam explains that RTTP status is a great way of giving confidence to those whom KEC professionals work with and gives a personal account of how those with RTTP status feel, when their achievements are recognised beyond their own organisation.  

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

11 Sep 2018

Beata Szoboszlai, Head of Academic Engagement at the Transport Systems Catapult looks at why tackling barriers to university and commercial collaboration through academic engagement will increase spin-outs and help the UK lead in Intelligent Mobility

Malcolm Skingle from GSK talks about why they choose to work with UK Universities

5 Sep 2018

The UK has a long history of university-industry research collaborations, with about two thirds of R&D funding coming from the private sector.  The recent 2018 State of the Relationship Report from the National Centre for Universities and Business noted that the UK now ranks 6th in the world for industry-university collaboration.  And with the UK Government has committed itself to growing R&D from 1.7% of GDP in 2015 to 2.4% by 2027, that’s great news.  But the report notes that 75% of private sector UK R&D is carried out by only 400 businesses.   Of the businesses that work with universities, the 2015 Dowling Review notes that a significant portion of these were headquartered outside of the UK.  If the UK is going to continue the trend of increased foreign investment in business collaborations with UK universities, what can universities do to increase their appeal to multinationals?

We’re asking a series of KE experts on the industry side, what makes their company choose to work with UK Universities, and how UK KE practitioners could up their game.  These R&D-centric multinationals have a wealth of collaboration choices, and naturally, a finite amount to invest.  How can the UK gain an edge?  Noelle Gracy, Head, Research Collaboration Office at Elsevier talked to Malcolm Skingle, Director, Academic Liaison to find out how GSK benefits from collaborating with UK universities.

A new start for innovation funding in Wales?

23 Jul 2018

PraxisAuril has welcomed the recommendation for the reintroduction of dedicated innovation funding for Wales, one of several outcomes to the Reid Review of Government Funded Research & Innovation in Wales.