Steven Harris of BAE Systems talks about why the defence sector chooses to partner with UK universities

29 Nov 2018

Why do industries choose to work with UK Universities?  In our autumn blog series, we’re looking at R&D-centric multinationals who have significant research programs in the UK, and we’re asking them what works in UK research collaborations and what doesn’t. Dr Steven Harris, Head of External Partnerships and Brokering at BAE Systems talks about the company’s robust apprenticeship program, and why the defence sector has unique challenges and opportunities in university partnerships.   

Research collaborations at Croda: Damian Kelly talks about why UK universities and UK industry work so well together

29 Nov 2018

About Croda

Since 1925, Croda has been responsible for the production of high-performance ingredients and technologies.  The business to business multinational is active in markets such as agrochemicals, lubricants, coatings and personal care.  They actively work with universities and recently held a knowledge exchange day with 35 UK universities.

French Thales’s long history in UK collaborations: Matt Ball talks about the challenges and opportunities in UK University Collaborations

28 Nov 2018


In our autumn blog series, we’re asking KE experts on the industry side why their companies choose to work with UK Universities.  These R&D-centric multinationals have international collaboration choices, but also a finite amount to invest.  How can the UK gain an edge?  Matt Ball, Chief Scientist and Head of Academic Liaison at Thales, talks about Thales’s choice to invest in UK research, the pros and cons of the UK impact agenda, and why it’s so hard to spend money in the UK.

RTTP: Value of certifications - An interview with John A. Fraser, RTTP, CLP

25 Nov 2018

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with John A. Fraser about how his extensive Knowledge Exchange experience lead him to become the AUTM president and obtaining RTTP accreditation in the process.

RTTP: Demonstrating my experience as a negotiator and transactor - An interview with Richard Borman RTTP

24 Nov 2018

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with Richard Borman about what RTTP represents for him and why he highlights this accreditation in communications with the outside world, as well as within GSK.

RTTP: Improving ability to function - An interview with James O'Sullivan RTTP

23 Nov 2018

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with James O'Sullivan on how seeking improved ability to function in his Knowledge Exchange role lead to RTTP and positive engagement.