RTTP: Value of certifications - An interview with John A. Fraser, RTTP, CLP

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with John A. Fraser about how his extensive Knowledge Exchange experience lead him to become the AUTM president and obtaining RTTP accreditation in the process.


John A. Fraser RTTP CLP, Burnside Development & Associates LLC

John has over 30 years experience moving university inventions and creativity into the marketplace to make a Better World. John is an Academic Entrepreneur who has founded or helped others found over 50 technology-based start-up companies. Fraser has brought government employees, academics and business executives together to use today's research and technology to solve tomorrow's problems. Expertise covers starting companies and creating jobs based on research results.




Q1: What influenced your decision to seek RTTP accreditation?

A:  I was on the AUTM Board when the CLP and RTTP certifications were being discussed/implemented.  I was able to be grandfathered in due to my pervious experience.  Since I believed in the value of the certifications, I requested and obtained both.



Q2: Did you plan your path to RTTP accreditation?

- If yes, can you detail the training, courses, mentorship and professional development opportunities you undertook to qualify?
- If no, can you detail your past professional experience which lead to your RTTP accreditation?

A:  I used the experience that caused my community to elect me President of AUTM – lectures, workshops, deals and helping others through informal mentoring.



Q3: Part of the RTTP application is to detail the skills/knowledge you applied to a KE/TT project and how this project was possible because of your contributions. Can you give details of the project you used in your application? Or details of similar projects conducted before or after your accreditation?

A:  See above



Q4: Since becoming RTTP accredited has anything changed in you personally or professionally?

A:  The brands are recognized, but my branding as a Past President of AUTM trumps them both.


Q5: What advice would you give a fresh KE professional looking to become RTTP accredited? 

A:  Do your job, but volunteer to help others in the profession and mentor people with less experience.