RTTP interviews: Anji Miller from LifeArc and the 2019 LifeArc-AUTM Technology Transfer fellows


This Autumn, we caught up again with Dr Anji Miller CLP RTTP, Senior Business Manager at LifeArc, as she introduced to us the all-female 2019 LifeArc-AUTM Technology Transfer fellows. Seven very inspiring women who are making the move from the lab to Technology Transfer.

Reflecting competency and experience in Knowledge Exchange/Technology Transfer with the RTTP accreditation.
We interviewed Dr Anji Miller CLP RTTP, Senior Business Manager at LifeArc, about her route to RTTP, how Candidate RTTP can help early-career KE practitioners plan their professional development, and tips and suggestions on how to successfully apply.


Such as...

  • Get out and speak to different people in the sector. KE/TT changes in different roles and each role is different for each institution
  • Break down your development into step-by-step chunks instead of trying to go straight to critical mass
  • Develop both your soft and harder skills
  • Focus your Achievement Overview on what you did in the deal, not who you did the deal with, and how much it was in value
  • Use the resources readily available


You can read more from Dr Anji Miller on our blog: "RTTP: Up to date skills and expert knowledge - An interview with Anji Miller"



Interview with the 2019 LifeArc-AUTM fellows

The LifeArc-AUTM Fellows programme is a one-year technology transfer training fellowship in partnership with the AUTM Foundation. The programme equips academic life scientists, at the graduate or post-doctoral level, with the skills and knowledge to transition into careers in technology transfer through a curriculum that combines formal training with networking, mentoring and practical experience in the field.

In this interview, we caught up with the seven all-female fellows of the 2019 programme as they completed their last day of the fellowship programme.

  • Why did they move from the lab to Technology Transfer?
  • What did they learn through the programme?
  • And what does success look like as they continue their professional development journey?

If you are at a career crossroad and want to leave the bench, be more involved with the translation of research or simply want to broaden your career prospects, then Technology Transfer/Knowledge Exchange in a fantastic way to incorporate your scientific knowledge, meet new people and get experience in the wider scope of research collaboration and commercialisation.

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New RTTP's and Candidate RTTP's in Quarter 3 2019

It is truly fantastic to see such a wide variety of newly accredited RTTPs and Candidate RTTPs join their respective groups this September. Although we see many more female KE practitioners this quarter (70/30), the demographics include both academic and industry, and backgrounds in Chemistry, Biology, Software, Finance, Product Design, Engineering and Mathematics. The latter being particularly exciting for PraxisAuril as we welcome our first RTTP specialising in Mathematics.

We are pleased to introduce to you 6 new members receiving the RTTP accreditation and 2 new members receiving the Candidate RTTP status.