RTTP: Improving ability to function - An interview with James O'Sullivan RTTP

PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with James O'Sullivan on how seeking improved ability to function in his Knowledge Exchange role lead to RTTP and positive engagement.


James O'Sullivan,  Waterford Institute of Technology

James has a 10-year track record as a management consultant across three key sectors Financial Services, Innovation & Technology and Energy. James' core competencies are strategic direction, detailed transformation design and modelling expertise across the UK & Ireland, in-depth knowledge of the technology and renewable sectors and strong commercial and technical capabilities 

Since joining PA Consulting James has used his industrial experience and his academic background to deliver demanding projects.




  • Advanced Technology
  • Strategic Business Transformation through Innovation
  • Financial Services
  • Energy in particular trading and renewables
  • High value contract negotiation and management
  • Business development for new products and new markets
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team management and team development


Q1: What influenced your decision to seek RTTP accreditation?

A: Professional accreditation improving ability to function.


Q2: Did you plan your path to RTTP accreditation?

- If yes, can you detail the training, courses, mentorship and professional development opportunities you undertook to qualify?
- If no, can you detail your past professional experience which lead to your RTTP accreditation?

A: No I did undertake lots of PraxisAuril training once I join the profession to upskill.  I had previously completed an MBA and worked as a consultant.



Q3: Part of the RTTP application is to detail the skills/knowledge you applied to a KE/TT project and how this project was possible because of your contributions. Can you give details of the project you used in your application? Or details of similar projects conducted before or after your accreditation?

A:  This was straightforward as I was running a TTO and hence there were lots of case studies to present to secure the RTTP.


Q4: Since becoming RTTP accredited has anything changed in you personally or professionally?

A: Positive from the engagement perspective.


Q5: What advice would you give a fresh KE professional looking to become RTTP accredited? 

A: Undertake the praxis training, carefully document your involvement in cases.