RTTP: Career Progression - An interview with Jing JIN


PraxisAuril’s MarComms Manager Craig Smith caught up with Jing Jin about how PraxisAuril training courses helped her to secure her current position as Assistant Director and Senior Manager of the Investment & Finance Department of the Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute.


Jing Jin

Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute





Q1: What influenced your decision to seek RTTP accreditation?

A:  My decision to seek RTTP accreditation is based on the knowledge of ATTP.


Q2: Did you plan your path to RTTP accreditation?

- If yes, can you detail the training, courses, mentorship and professional development opportunities you undertook to qualify?
- If no, can you detail your past professional experience which lead to your RTTP accreditation?

A:  Yes, I attended the training courses organized by PraxisUnico from June 2017 to April 2018. I also attended 2018 AUTM Technology Transfer Training Courses provided by City University of Hong Kong on 15 -17 August 2018. I am now an assistant director and senior manager of the Department of Technology Transfer of the Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute. Our department is in charge of the commercialization of technological achievements through professional service and network with enterprises.


Q3: Part of the RTTP application is to detail the skills/knowledge you applied to a KE/TT project and how this project was possible because of your contributions. Can you give details of the project you used in your application? Or details of similar projects conducted before or after your accreditation?

A:  The project I used in my application is the transfer and commercialization of a suite of virtual reality software for children with autism spectrum disorder. This project shows a technology-push transfer. It is a technology transfer from university to an enterprise. Its specialities lie in 1) It was an international technology transfer. The technology (A Suite of Virtual Reality Software for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder) from City University of Hong Kong was licensed to Suzhou Guoke Medical Co. (a Jiangsu R&D company) and Changzhou Qianjing Rehabilitation Co. (a Jiangsu medical device manufacturer); 2) there were four parties playing different roles in this transaction. The City University of Hong Kong working as a technology supplier and licenser, while JITRI playing as a technology recipient and technology transfer organization with government background, Guoke Medical Co. being a technology licensee and local R&D institute/company, and Qianjing being a manufacturer to commercialize the technology. Every party played different roles to realize the localization and commercialization of the foreign innovative technological achievement.


Q4: What advice would you give a fresh KE professional looking to become RTTP accredited? 

A:  Based on my experience, there are few principles of good practice, which is also my advice to a fresh KE professional looking to become RTTP accredited:

  1. To be honest;
  2. Respect partners’ needs;
  3. Pursue win-win outcome through a reasonable solution or deal structure;
  4. More conversation and communication;
  5. Big picture first, small points later.



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