‘University Technology Transfer: What it is and how to do it’ by Tom Hockaday

4 Aug 2020

Tamsin Mann, Director of Policy & Communication, reviews Tom Hockaday's new book on Technology Transfer which draws on his 30-year career in TT at UK universities and on the global TT community stage. 

Roughly twenty years since the first HE innovation funding grants were awarded to kick-start ‘third stream’ activity in UK universities, the focus on research and innovation is tight with high expectations of what the research base can deliver by working with external partners. Within today’s broad definition of Knowledge Exchange (KE) there is an ongoing focus on IP commercialisation to license innovation and create new companies, from the ‘white heat’ of blue-sky, discovery research.


Firm Foundations to Rise to Challenges

29 Jul 2020

Authored by: Alice Frost, Director for Knowledge Exchange, Research England and Sean Fielding RTTP, Chair, PraxisAuril

Universities have made long strides in their knowledge exchange (KE), providing knowledge and expertise to help drive innovation, enterprise and local and national growth and wellbeing.  These provide the foundations to rise to the challenges set out in the Government’s R&D roadmap, including supporting COVID-19 recovery.

Young Entrepreneurs Scheme

7 Jul 2020

This autumn spend three days immersed in developing enterprise skills; thinking creatively to produce innovative solutions to major challenges; discovering how to communicate research with impact, and working in a team.

Tech Transfer in a Crisis – Reflections from the Front Line

2 Jul 2020

Written by: Dr Adam Stoten RTTP, COO, Oxford University Innovation

2020 started in relatively normal fashion for Oxford University Innovation. The upheaval of Brexit and the general election were behind us – or perhaps at least the most acute psychological trauma – and there were signs that markets and investors were also feeling more positive. While there were some interesting reports of a new virus emerging in China, the prevailing assumption was that it would most likely remain a localised issue and unlikely to ever reach these shores. Nothing to worry about.  

LifeArc-AUTM technology transfer career training fellowships 2020

2 Jun 2020

Is this you?

An academic scientist at the graduate or post-doctoral level in life sciences With little (less than a year) or no direct work experience in technology transfer Who has a passion for innovation and would like to train to become a technology transfer professional

ABPI 2020 Academic Links survey

2 Jun 2020

Since 2003 the ABPI have undertaken a biennial review of the interactions of pharmaceutical companies with universities and have collated data to demonstrate the value of the UK science base to the pharmaceutical sector.   These data are often cited in ABPI consultation documents to government. 

PraxisAuril: Your KE Community is here for you

29 Apr 2020

I hope that you can spare me 5 minutes between Zoom meetings to read about the work we’ve been doing at PraxisAuril to support you and some new digital initiatives we hope you’ll engage with. Our strategy has always been to help you develop, promote and connect.

PraxisAuril: Practicalities – Training and Events

27 Apr 2020

As we move into the sixth week of social distancing measures, public attention is focussing more and more on how the country can get back to as near ‘normal’ as possible, both economically and as individuals. Whilst we expect that social distancing measures and group size restrictions at meetings and events will be in place for some time yet, at PraxisAuril we continue to plan for a resumption of F2F training courses, whilst also developing more digital programmes.  

KE policy in the time of Covid-19, business as usual?

24 Apr 2020

[Week 5 not in the office. A table full of your typical domestic trappings replaces a desk piled high with papers, reports and post-it notes. The view outside this ‘office’ window is not a corporate car-park, there is no communal water-cooler at which to meet your future spouse (true story), and dress-code has gone decidedly casual. We keep calm and KE on.]