PraxisAuril: Your KE Community is here for you

29 Apr 2020

I hope that you can spare me 5 minutes between Zoom meetings to read about the work we’ve been doing at PraxisAuril to support you and some new digital initiatives we hope you’ll engage with. Our strategy has always been to help you develop, promote and connect.

PraxisAuril: Practicalities – Training and Events

27 Apr 2020

As we move into the sixth week of social distancing measures, public attention is focussing more and more on how the country can get back to as near ‘normal’ as possible, both economically and as individuals. Whilst we expect that social distancing measures and group size restrictions at meetings and events will be in place for some time yet, at PraxisAuril we continue to plan for a resumption of F2F training courses, whilst also developing more digital programmes.  

KE policy in the time of Covid-19, business as usual?

24 Apr 2020

[Week 5 not in the office. A table full of your typical domestic trappings replaces a desk piled high with papers, reports and post-it notes. The view outside this ‘office’ window is not a corporate car-park, there is no communal water-cooler at which to meet your future spouse (true story), and dress-code has gone decidedly casual. We keep calm and KE on.] 

PraxisAuril: A new schedule of digital events and interactions

22 Apr 2020

Dear PraxisAuril Friends and Colleagues,

What a month it has been!  I hope you and your teams at work and at home are staying well and adjusting to our new normal.  It’s been amazing to see the news of so many brilliant initiatives undertaken by PraxisAuril member organisations having such fundamental impact – this truly is a community of innovative, strategic and pragmatic thinkers and doers!   

University Knowledge Exchange – Key to the recovery

8 Apr 2020

It was nice to have some good news at the end of last week with the publication of the HE Business and Community Interaction Survey (HEBCIS).  This showed that UK Knowledge Exchange is a continuing success with the value of our interactions growing 7% to nearly £5bn in 2018-19.  It is clear that universities, working with partners are making a huge difference to society.

New RTTPs and Candidate RTTPs in Quarter 1 2020

30 Mar 2020

You might skim read this blog post and assume that KE doesn't have a problem with diversity. We know that RTTPs are not necessarily reflective of the whole sector, but we do see many female practitioners achieving the RTTP accreditation, which is a positive indicator of the opportunity that women see in this profession.

RTTP diversity doesn't stop there. We are also starting to see some of our international delegates from our Chinese Training Programmes (delivered through our partners Jusirui) apply and be awarded the RTTP accreditation. We also have practitioners coming from outside universities: from consultancies, subsidiaries and commercial arms of research organisations.  

It is always an immensely proud moment to introduce the new RTTP accredited PraxisAuril members. We hope you will join us in welcoming and celebrating this new cohort of RTTPs for the diverse backgrounds and experience they bring.

When to apply for the RTTP accreditation

30 Mar 2020

In February 2020, I called upon the experience of PraxisAuril's global RTTPs to help me generate a clear guide to the accreditation: why to apply, when to apply, and resources to help you apply. This 'call' for support took the form of an online survey, sent to over 100 RTTPs.

The short survey generated a wealth of data and, having processed this along with views from the PraxisAuril RTTPs, I emerged with a changed perception of the RTTP accreditation. Perhaps more importantly, I gained a broader understanding of the various ways people tailor their RTTP application to achieve the accreditation.

So, let's jump straight in...

Connected KE capabilities: more than the sum of the parts

24 Mar 2020

“…a hugely positive, valuable opportunity.”

If you’ve been left high and dry following the cancellation of a training course or sector event then put some of that time already earmarked for professional development to good use and read IP Pragmatic’s interim review of the 18 Connecting Capability Fund projects, which was published last week.

Not only will you feel a warm glow as you read this very positive report, reflecting on the achievements of so many dedicated KE professionals and their partners, but you’ll be encouraged to reflect on how many of the learning outcomes – even at this early stage – can be taken back into your day-to-day role. They’ll also get you thinking about how you could get involved with an existing project, or prompt you to draft a bid for future rounds.

In this blog, I wanted to focus on what the review might mean for PraxisAuril particularly through its missions to develop, promote, and connect KE professionals and other organisations involved in KE activities.

Reshuffled? Keep calm and KE on

9 Mar 2020

You probably won’t find many commentators worrying about the future of Knowledge Exchange (KE) following the Cabinet reshuffle and the move of the Universities Minister from BEIS to the Department for Education (DfE). Although its profile has risen in the last decade, KE is still a relative newcomer on the Higher Education (HE) block. Often misunderstood (do you mean Tech Transfer?), poorly judged (how many spin-outs do you have?), its institutional role (where does KE ‘sit’ in a university?) and external contributions unclear (what value does this activity create anyway?); KE has had to work hard to win respect.

The Refreshed PraxisAuril website

18 Feb 2020

We would like to welcome you to the refreshed PraxisAuril website So, what has changed?