Chief Executive Officer : 3M Buckley Innovation Centre

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To lead and manage the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre (3M BIC) - promoting the centre as a hub for open innovation in the region and nationally to support business growth, economic regeneration and to maximise university relationships with industry and external partners.

The CEO will report to the 3M BIC Board of Directors and will be responsible for the sustained growth and strategic direction of the Centre. The position requires strong leadership qualities and credibility with both industrial and academic partners in addition to entrepreneurial abilities and commitment to helping new and emerging businesses to grow.



  • Establish 3M BIC as an active member of major national and international networks associated with innovation, knowledge transfer, enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Attract the appropriate calibre of tenant and network member companies to the Centre.
  • Facilitate collaborative R&D activities with the University as well as facilitating student and graduate engagement activities with tenants and network members
  • Develop plans to secure external funding for the 3M BIC to enhance interactions between industrial and academic partners
  • Ensure sustained financial growth of the Centre managing 3M BIC budgets, staff and resources
  • Implement a range of bespoke business support initiatives establishing key internal and external partnerships for delivery of these. Alignment to national and regional policies and initiatives will be critical.
  • Planning, coordination and follow-up of business support activities to support newly established and growing enterprises
  • Conduct an annual survey of tenants and associate companies to establish impact of innovation and business support environment provided by the Centre.
  • Ensure 3M BIC tenants and network members are well connected to relevant sector supply chains. 
  • Establish 3M BIC Innovation Advisory Board derived from key stakeholder groups.
  • Promote programs of incubation, entrepreneurship, and business development through a comprehensive marketing and events programme
  • Provide monthly reports to the 3M BIC Board of Directors



  • Net profit generated by each revenue-generating initiative managed
  • Performance to Budget
  • Quality of tenants
  • 3M BIC occupancy levels
  • Size of 3M BIC networks
  • Strategic partners of the Centre
  • Leverage of external income to drive university-industry collaborations
  • Number and scale of interactions with University



(i.e. what makes the role complicated)

  • Developing multi-disciplinary strategies across, finance, technology and markets
  • Managing the interface between academia and industry
  • Identifying companies with potential for growth
  • Helping companies to make scalable growth and productivity



  • Chairman 3M BIC Board
  • University Schools and Services
  • Tenant and network business owners
  • Capital providers
  • National and regional policy makers



Closing date: 
Friday, December 21, 2018
Originating organisation: