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Research is changing

We’re here to support you understand and navigate the shift towards massive and complex datasets, machine learning tools and new computational techniques. The new generation of technologies, combined with the power of the human brain, is going to transform how we push the boundaries of our research worlds.

We believe in technology for good, technology improves research. We’re here to both power and empower you with the technology and data you need to succeed. What might that look like? Find out more on our research 4.0 and digital environment webpages.




Jisc Content:

Data, research and diverse perspectives - Victoria Moody, Jisc's Director of Research and Innovation Sector Strategy, writes for our International Women's Day blog series.

Welcome to KEMatters Event 2020 - Watch the opening keynote delivered by Jisc's Christian Evans, Customer Director - Public Sector and Industry Research for the PraxisAuril conference 2020.