International Testimonials

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Our international clients have all been highly satisfied with the training we delivered.

PraxisAuril thoroughly evaluates every course that it runs. Our consistently high level of customer satisfaction is based on our detailed understanding of the client's needs and objectives, the wider commercial environment in which they operate, and the expertise of our trainers.

The average rating for the overall quality of courses delivered internationally over the last four years was 4.61/5, where 5 is a ranking of “excellent”.  Over 99% of delegates reported that they would be happy to recommend our international courses.

We pride ourselves on the high levels of praise our courses receive:

"Excellent level of information. It is not theoretical but also practical expertise."

"The UK has a creative approach to addressing technology transfer issues."

"The case study chosen was complex and futuristic. It was thought provoking and gave a real insight into evaluating a technology and the way it needs to be commercialised."

"Initiatives like this help bring China and the UK together to work on technology transfer."

"Unlike the very common type of seminar in Japan that tends to be a one-way presentation, we were able to have a constructive dialogue with the instructors."