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What training courses can PraxisAuril offer?

Information on our standard UK courses can be found here and a list of courses we have run internationally is here.  But we don’t believe that we should just transfer UK courses to an international setting.  Instead we will work with you to develop a course that is absolutely right for your territory and for your trainees.  That way, you get the benefit of the extensive experience of PraxisAuril in both technology transfer and in training, but tailored to have the greatest impact for you.

Do you only offer stand-alone courses?

No.  We will work with you to identify the type of training you want.  This could be a single course delivered once; the same course delivered on multiple occasions to different trainees; or an entire curriculum for a single group of trainees over an extended period. 

Where do you run your courses?

Where would you like us to run them?  We can come to you or you can send a group of trainees to the UK.  We’ve done both very successfully.

Who will design and deliver the training?

This will depend on exactly what training you want, and whether you have sector-specific requirements e.g. life sciences, engineering, energy etc.  We will work closely with you on identifying what you need, and the best trainers to deliver this.  Thanks to PraxisAuril’s extensive network, we can draw on the expertise and enthusiasm of a large number of trainers.  These are all people who are highly experienced and successful technology transfer and commercialisation professionals, but also top-class trainers.  For multi-day courses we usually supply at least two highly qualified and experienced people.

What training methods do you use?

We adapt the training to fit the needs of the trainees.  But training is always most effective when it is interactive and engages the trainees themselves.  That’s why we have a major emphasis on the use of case studies, group work, problem solving etc.  And because our trainers have such a wealth of experience in technology transfer, entrereneurship, knowledge exchange and commercialisation they are able to draw on a huge range of real-life examples.

What will it cost?

Every course is different so we can’t give you a standard figure.  It will be influenced by location, numbers, length of course, amount of development required etc.  We appreciate that cost can be a big issue, and have often worked with clients to access supporting funds from relevant sponsoring organisations.  Please get in touch with us and we can give you a better idea once we understand your needs.

How do I become accredited as a Registered Technology Transfer Practitioner?

One route to becoming RTTP accredited is by gaining 60 Continuing Education (CE) credits awarded from attending PraxisAuril or partner training courses, plus submitting a 1,000 word write-up about a significant technology or knowledge transfer achievement. All PraxisAuril courses earn delegates CE credits. For more information about the registration process and requirements, visit the web site at

I am interested, who do I contact?

Please contact Georgina Wark: or +44 (0)1223 659961.