PraxisAuril: A new schedule of digital events and interactions

We want to make sure that we are supporting you to the best of our ability at this time (and in readiness for a gradual transition to a post-lockdown world) so we’ve been busy planning for a schedule of digital events and interactions.  We’ll be releasing some communications tools and resources over the coming weeks that we anticipate will help you at a day-to-day practical level.

Fundamentals of Technology Transfer

This was a great course - by half-way through, I'd almost reconsidered my chosen career in favour of jumping ship for technology transfer, thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of both delegates and trainers.

By the end, I had a new appreciation for the scope and complexity of the role. Phil Elstob, Course Director and Business Development Executive for Cancer Research Technology and Newcastle University co-ordinated a lively three days of discussion and learning.