Professional Development

LifeArc-AUTM technology transfer career training fellowships 2020


If so, apply for a place on our technology training fellowship programme and get fast track training into the world of technology transfer - where you’ll be helping to ensure the great science can make a real difference to patients lives. To find out more, please visit the LifeArc website.

Each fellow receives:

AUTM Membership

PraxisAuril: A new schedule of digital events and interactions

We want to make sure that we are supporting you to the best of our ability at this time (and in readiness for a gradual transition to a post-lockdown world) so we’ve been busy planning for a schedule of digital events and interactions.  We’ll be releasing some communications tools and resources over the coming weeks that we anticipate will help you at a day-to-day practical level.

Staff Development


GUEST BLOG by Dr Odette Dewhurst
Senior Research Development Manager (Life Sciences, Health, Medicine) at Lancaster University

‘I know Kung Fu’ Neo


Sadly, unlike the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar in the Matrix, we can’t simply plug ourselves into training programmes and download the content directly into our brains. It would be quite nice if we could, but we can’t. At least not yet…..


PLG Introduction to Healthcare Business Development Training Course


PLG Introduction to Healthcare Business Development Training Course

Monday 18th-Wednesday 20th November

Introduction to Healthcare Business Development is a three-day training course covering the key elements of Licensing and Business Development. It has a 12 strong faculty providing guidance on best practice using case study material. It also includes a hands-on example of negotiating a deal.

RTTP: The Diversity of Professional Recognition


As I began to digest and summarise those first interviews, it was clear that I had not captured the full diversity of our community. Don’t get me wrong, the responses were very insightful. From it, I developed a solid grounding on what it means to be RTTP accredited by those who achieved it and, perhaps more importantly, how they achieved it. However, although I was able to get some views represented from America and Europe, I did not manage to interview any female Knowledge Exchange (KE) professionals.

I am pleased to say with a little more time, that changed.

PraxisAuril and Oxentia partnership will take customised Knowledge Exchange training global

PraxisAuril, the UK’s world-leading professional association for knowledge exchange practitioners, is partnering with Oxentia, Oxford’s Global Innovation Consultancy, to deliver a series of training courses in new international markets.

RSE Enterprise Fellowships

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) part of UK Research and Innovation, is currently seeking proposals to the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Enterprise Fellowship programme which supports researchers who wish to play a key role in the commercialisation of their research.  

RSE Enterprise Fellowships provide a salary, mentoring and formal business training, allowing the Enterprise Fellow to focus solely on developing their business over a 12-month period.