KE Awards

PraxisAuril: A new schedule of digital events and interactions

We want to make sure that we are supporting you to the best of our ability at this time (and in readiness for a gradual transition to a post-lockdown world) so we’ve been busy planning for a schedule of digital events and interactions.  We’ll be releasing some communications tools and resources over the coming weeks that we anticipate will help you at a day-to-day practical level.

PraxisAuril and Knowledge Transfer Network collaborate to celebrate the UK’s KTP Offices

PraxisAuril will support a new award for the ‘Most effective initiative from a KTP Office’ in this year’s KTP Best of the Best Awards, using its established expertise to identify the approach that produces the best innovation or impact.  

PraxisAuril, a world-leading professional association for Knowledge Exchange practitioners, is collaborating with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) to find the most effective initiative from a Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) office.