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Feet First into the KEC Community


Feet First into the KEC Community

Fundamentals of Technology Transfer was my first interaction with PraxisAuril.  I’d joined as a member last year and used the guides and templates, but I honestly wasn’t sure if there would be much relevant for me in a Fundamentals of Technology Transfer course. 

For a start, I’m working on the industry side.  Would all the attendees be from academia?  Would I be viewed as an interloper? 

Visions of the self: The Mixed-up Chameleon 

When you consider the theories about how professions emerge, there is one angle which I believe to be curiously underdeveloped, this is the role of imagery and visions in confirming the existence of a profession. A profession and its associated specialist knowledge, skills and practices have to be recognised by those outside the immediate community, or how else will the expertise that exists amongst the members be recognised? 

Investing in medical innovation - the role of seed funds

With a wealth of innovative scientific research emerging from academic institutions and technology transfer offices (TTO) across the UK, it is fair to say that we are truly in a golden age of medical research innovation. As the newly appointed Head of Seed Funds at the medical research charity, LifeArc, I am driven by the question: where does investment and funding of cutting-edge research sit and what role do seed funds play in advancing medical research?